Our vision

We need a world where oceans and forests are completely protected and are allowed to flourish in peace. We need a new story to emerge, one that places the entire Earth’s ability to thrive above the greed of a few.

Defending Our Oceans Tour - Hawaii Trash (Hawaii: 2006) © Greenpeace / Alex Hofford
Expedition to Pilato Lake in Italy to Detox the Great Outdoors © Roberto Isotti / Greenpeace

What you can do

#Coal #Consumption #EnergyRevolution #Health

Tech products shouldn’t cost the Earth

Tech companies are regularly pumping out a new ‘must have’, creating a cycle of waste where billions of electronics are produced, sold, and thrown away.…

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#Coal #EnergyRevolution #Health

Demand IT companies rethink technology

Imagine if the data centres that drive our internet were powered by renewable energy, rather than dirty coal. If tech companies could be as innovative…

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Save the Arctic

For millennia people lived in the Arctic alongside some of the most elusive and majestic animals, and in some of the toughest conditions anywhere on…

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#Oceans #Oil

Defend the Amazon reef

Oil giants BP and Total are planning to drill for oil near the Amazon Reef, risking a spill that could not only devastate the corals…

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Ask publishers to take a stand

Greenpeace has campaigned for decades to encourage logging companies to adopt more sustainable practices — and many of them have! But one logging company in…

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#Forests #Lazy Days

Defend the Great Northern Forest

The Great Northern Forest plays a crucial role in the survival of all life on Earth storing more carbon than the Congo, Amazon and Indonesian…

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Give the Congo Basin Forest a chance

Protect the Congo Basin so that it continues to be an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem that provides food, fresh water, shelter and medicine for…

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#Climate #Oil

Choose people over oil

When politicians put oil and profit before people and planet, we need to hold them accountable. We need to use the courts to make sure…

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