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Justice for people and planet

We're campaigning for a system that puts justice for people and the planet ahead of profits for corporations.

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#Climate #Consumption #Food

Eat less meat, more plants, tell your friends

The meat and dairy industry’s relentless quest for profit is putting all of us at risk as enormous factory farms force cheap, health-threatening products into…

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Save the bees

Some pesticides pose direct risk to pollinators. The elimination of bee-harming chemicals from agriculture is a crucial and most-effective first step to protect the health…

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#Consumption #Food

Reconnect with food

Right now, most of us don’t know where our food comes from. A small handful of powerful corporations control nearly every aspect of our food…

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#ArcticSunrise #Oceans

Call for an Antarctic ocean sanctuary

Creating a protected area in the ocean like the parks we’ve created on land to provide safe homes for animals, just makes sense. People built…

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#Coal #Consumption #EnergyRevolution #Health

Tech products shouldn’t cost the Earth

Tech companies are regularly pumping out a new ‘must have’, creating a cycle of waste where billions of electronics are produced, sold, and thrown away.…

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#Coal #EnergyRevolution #Health

Demand IT companies rethink technology

Imagine if the data centres that drive our internet were powered by renewable energy, rather than dirty coal. If tech companies could be as innovative…

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#Consumption #Oceans

Let’s end the age of plastic

Plastic has become so integral to our lives that we no longer think twice when using it - a plastic straw here, a disposable coffee…

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Detox catwalk

Global fast fashion brands are churning out more clothes than the planet can handle. Today’s trends are tomorrow’s trash, with our clothes made cheaply and…

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Save the Arctic

For millennia people lived in the Arctic alongside some of the most elusive and majestic animals, and in some of the toughest conditions anywhere on…

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#Oceans #Oil

Defend the Amazon reef

Oil giants BP and Total are planning to drill for oil near the Amazon Reef, risking a spill that could not only devastate the corals…

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Ask publishers to take a stand

Greenpeace has campaigned for decades to encourage logging companies to adopt more sustainable practices — and many of them have! But one logging company in…

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#Forests #Lazy Days

Defend the Great Northern Forest

The Great Northern Forest plays a crucial role in the survival of all life on Earth storing more carbon than the Congo, Amazon and Indonesian…

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Give the Congo Basin Forest a chance

Protect the Congo Basin so that it continues to be an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem that provides food, fresh water, shelter and medicine for…

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#Climate #Oil

Choose people over oil

When politicians put oil and profit before people and planet, we need to hold them accountable. We need to use the courts to make sure…

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Get involved with Greenpeace

There are lots of ways to get involved with Greenpeace. Help share our campaigns on social media, create your own campaign, contact the Greenpeace office in your country to see if you can volunteer or find a job in an office or onboard a ship. This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs you.


Donate to us

You can stand up for the environment your entire life. Or even longer. Donate today or consider remembering Greenpeace in your will.

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Volunteer with us

There are lots of ways to get involved with Greenpeace. Help share our campaigns on social media, create your own campaign, contact the Greenpeace office…

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#ArcticSunrise #Esperanza #RainbowWarrior

Sail with us

Want to become Greenpeace crew member and help protect our planet? If you have experience at sea, valid marine qualifications, licences, or are eager to…

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